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Changing Times is the Largest Christian Newspaper in Louisiana.
Changing Times is changing lives one issue at a time!


Advertising with Changing Times

Looking for a new customer base?

Do not overlook the loyalty of the Christian Community.

Changing Times is your connection to South East Louisiana’s large Christian Community.
Reaching over 85,000 people, Changing Times offers your business the opportunity to reach all denominations of the Christian Faith.

See why advertisers get a great return on their investments because Christians prefer to do business with companies that support their community’s cause.

This Free Family-Friendly Newspaper continues to offer sound biblical advice and guidance on issues that hit home daily.

See for yourself why our community anxiously awaits each edition.

By targeting the Christian Community, your company reaches a targeted segment of the marketplace to promote its products and services to. Any marketing guru will tell you that this approach is 25 times more effective than mass marketing especially for customer loyalty.

So, why settle for an audience when Changing Times can introduce you to a community. Come and experience how Changing Times is changing lives one issue at a time.

Changing Times offers many customized options for Businesses to advertise its products and services to the largest community in Louisiana-The Christian Community.

Because Changing Times Prints only 6 insertions per year, your company can get year round exposure for a lot less than you’d expect. And with over 75,000 local readers and a strong online following, your Business will reap all the benefits!

Changing Times is the Bridge between your Company and The Local Christian Community. Call now to find out what this community can do for you!

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Changing Times
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Christian Community Marketing

It’s the largest, most faithful, highest spending market segment in the United States, yet chances are you have never considered it. America’s 140 million weekly church-goers spend $5.1 trillion annually and support the businesses that understand and respect them with near-religious devotion. But to reach them effectively, you’re going to need some help.

Changing Times provides everything you need to understand the Christian consumer power niche and effectively reach it. We explain who makes up that community, what they want, and what it takes to appeal to them. Then, based on survey research from believers across the country and interviews with experts, we provide practical guidance for creating Christian Community marketing plans that work.

In many ways, Christians are no different from other consumers—they are discerning shoppers who put price, value, customer service, and convenience ahead of loyalty to businesses that just happen to be owned by Christians. But they are also a somewhat forgotten market that promises big returns for those businesses that develop real relationships with them. Christians may be ordinary consumers who need the same products as everyone else, but they respond extraordinarily well to marketing approaches customized to their needs.

Why Advertise in a Christian Newspaper?

Christians read Christian Community Newspapers because it represents what they like, but also who they are. That creates a level of loyalty not seen in secular print. Christian newspapers generate the most loyalty of any print format: 45% of readers become regular readers.

As a potential advertiser, you need to understand why Christian newspapers produce such loyalty. In a word: Trust!

Christian newspapers are an oasis in a segment that usually delivers more bad news than good. It’s not unusual for a Christian Newspaper to be seen not just in a Christian’s home, but also in their car and office. Unlike most periodicals, Christian newspapers are able to appeal to the entire family.

Families, especially parents, view Christian newspapers as an ally, helping them and their children understand more the difficult moral and ethical issues facing them every day.

Christian newspapers like, Changing Times, also serves as a tacic endorsement for your product or service when you advertise. That’s because, the publisher filters every advertisement.

When you place advertising in a secular periodical, they really don’t care what you say or what you’re selling as long as your product is legal and you don’t use foul language. Publishers of Christian newspapers believe they have a responsibility to make sure whatever goes in print under the newspaper’s mast-head must support the biblical values and tastes of Christians.

Companies spend thousands of dollars building trust in a Brand; Christian newspapers short-circuit that process by providing immediate brand recognition and trust, measured in real dollars. If you have a regular presence in a Christian newspaper, you in essence become a part of the family. Because you support their community newspaper, your company is seen as a trusted ally.

No other medium delivers as many Christians as a Christian Community Newspaper. The Newspaper is generally read cover to cover unlike most newspapers. The community depends on their community newspaper for information and advice about family-friendly issues, services and products.

Seldom does your advertisement compete with similar businesses. This gives your products and service more exclusivity for the reader.

Christian newspapers provide an advertising bargain. And with the valuable word-of-mouth – this community delivers on a regular basis, you won’t find a more loyal and committed audience. Another huge advantage of Christian Newspapers is that you have several avenues to communicate your message to readers!

As a savvy marketer, you know that engagement is the new reach. That is, reaching customers through direct advertising is not enough. When it comes to engagement, Christian newspapers have the upper hand. Here’s why:

Christians connect at a deeper level with their local community newspapers. Professionals in Christian Newspapers often speak of their work as a ministry. They consider themselves as an important partner to the church and other Christian organizations. Readers respond with their trust and loyalty.

They faithfully read the articles provided, because they believe the content will help them grow in faith. Christians support their newspaper financially. Christian Newspapers are less clustered with advertising. That means your Ad gets more attention, giving you a greater opportunity to engage with the reader.

All of this to say, Christian Newspaper Readers develop an intimate, emotional connection with their readers. If you hang out with Christians, you will hear the term “Changed Lives” a lot, and they can tell you countless stories to explain what they mean, often giving credit to the newspaper for helping them to change.

Changing Times

“Changing Lives One Issue at a Time”