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Becoming a Producer of the Fruit of the Spirit

1 Chronicles 12:16-18.

The “love of Christ” is the mightiest motive power that ever touched a human soul, in constraining to self-sacrifice for the good of others. The true Christian is not a self-centered mystic, but a Christ-centered evangelist. He is not only a consumer of the things of God; he is a producer of the fruit of the Spirit. In the light of such like teaching, let us look at this portion and see what is involved.

  1. There Must be a Decided Step.  Those who would identify themselves with the rejected Son of God will do well to count the cost, but they will do ill, if they go on counting and never come.
  2. There is A Conditional Offer. All who are prepared to help in the cause of the Lord Jesus Christ may depend on having His heart’s affections knit unto them. The Lord’s work, must be heart work. Did not Christ declare that “He who is not for Me is against Me!” (Matthew 12:30). Is not His heart also ready to receive all who come unto Him in sincerity and in truth?
  3. There must be A Personal Surrender.  It is a Spirit-indicted confession; it is a Spirit-led act. There can be no uncertainty about it. It implies the yielding of their lives to Christ for the furtherance of His cause and the fulfillment of His will. In giving yourself to Him, you are no longer your own because you now become His instruments for the carrying on of His work. To become a partner in the resources and triumphs of the Lord, we must also yield ourselves wholly to Him, as those ready to suffer for His sake, so that His will might be done in us and by us. As His servants, we should yield ourselves (Romans 6:16). Consecration of service will surely follow, for  we will be clothed with the Spirit.
  4. There must be A Confession of Faith. The man or the cause that is adopted by the Almighty is absolutely certain to succeed. They are wise, who join themselves to that movement which has God in it and that cannot be defeated. Such a movement we have in the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. Did not His God mightily help Him and are not all His helpers helped of God? What an abundant proof there is that God was in Christ, and that the help that is mighty was laid upon Him. This is seen in His words and works, and especially in His being raised from the dead. As we can truly say of Him, “Our God helps us,” (1 Chronicles 12:18), so let us also add, “Yours are we, Jesus, You, the Son of God; peace be to Your helpers.” Those who would serve the Lord must not only believe in Him, but also possess such a spirit as will make for peace with all His helpers.

A Successful Issue. Don’t waste another day, come in the right spirit and find an open door into the heart and service of our Lord. This was no formal reception. Those who received Christ also receives those, who so come to Him, into the affection of His heart and into the sacred business of His life. All who come to the Lord Jesus Christ are welcome to His love and service.


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