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      by David Wilkerson: The Lord rules over all of creation with majesty and power. His laws govern the whole universe—all of nature, every nation and all the affairs of men. He rules over the seas, the planets, the heavenly bodies and all their movements. The Bible tells us: “He ruleth by his power for ever; […]

    • The Only Source of Wisdom

      The Only Source of Wisdom The twentieth century produced an information explosion unparalleled in human history-instant access to volumes of knowledge at the click of your mouse. Yet with all we have learned and with all that’s been written, man’s wisdom is still impotent to answer life’s most basic spiritual questions like: How did we […]

    • Knowing God: The Secret of True Strength

      Written by Seth Cook Rees “The people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.” (Daniel 11:32). If we are strong we impart strength to those with whom we come in contact. If God has commanded us to be strong, we can not afford to be weak. He has commanded nothing for […]

    • Jesus, the Friend of Sinners

      by Dr. Adrian Rogers Perhaps you think you’ve sinned too much — that there is no hope for you. But Jesus has always reached out to sinners. In Luke 15:1-2, the Pharisees were questioning Him about this. Then, Jesus answered them with a three-part parable describing a little more about the character of man and […]

    • Christ and I are Friends

      by J. R. Miller Christ and John were friends. It was a great, all-absorbing, overmastering friendship, which transformed John. This friendship began that day when the John the Baptist said to two young men, as Jesus passed near: “Behold the Lamb of God!” The two young men followed Jesus and were invited to his lodgings, […]

    • And When They Were Alone

      If you would confide in a friend and really open up your heart, you wait until such a time as your friend can take time to come apart and be alone with you. So they who would know the secret and hidden things of God and have Him “expound all things,” must find time to […]