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Save the Nations Ministries recognizes that material awards and public recoginition are not an ultimate priority in relation to spiritual calling; however, by monetarily assisting Ministry Programs and by celebrating outstanding individuals for their work in those Ministry Programs brings the hope of inspiring others to serve.  

"Serve others, dear Christians, in response to His love, keeping in mind always you are serving our Lord Jesus."

Save the Nations Ministries will annually award one of the below categories on a rotating basis.

  • Ministry Program Grant - This $1,000 grant provides a Christian ministry the opportunity to enhace existing programs or create new programs.
  • "Sharing the Light" Senior Scholarship - This $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to a high school senior who has gone above and beyond in serving the Christian Community through their work in a Christian ministry.  
  • Legacy Award - This award and will be given to person who has made a difference in the Christian Community through work in ministry programs.

Eligibility, Parameters, and Timelines for the Grant / Award process are outlined below.

ministry grant program

Description: Save the Nations Ministries provides Christian Churches and Organizations with the opportunity to apply for a Program Grant of $1,000.  This Program Grant will fund or offset the costs of a specific Ministry Program or special project.  


Grant Parameters:   The grants will be awarded to Christian Churches or Christian Organizations with a 501(c)(3) non-profit status.

As part of the grant application process, the applicant will be asked to:

  • describe the mission of the ministry
  • provide a description of the program in means of whom does it serve, the anticipated number of people it will serve, the anticipated outcomes, and how this ministry program helps promote Christianity
  • outline how the grant money will be used within this program.
  • provide a Letter of Institutional Support from a pastor or senior administrator of the Christian Organization.  The letter should acknowledge that the senior leader is aware of the application and supports its intent.  The letter must be signed and on the organization's letterhead.

After the program has been implemented, the recipients of the Ministry Program Grant will submit a short conclusion report that reflects how receiving this grant helped in the implementation of the ministry program and how it benefited the individuals participating in the program.

Sharing the Light:
Senior Scholarship

Description: This scholarship will be awarded to a high school senior who has gone above and beyond in serving the Christian Community through their work in a Christian ministry.

Scholarship Award Parameters:

- Graduating high school senior or home school graduate with a cumulative GPA of 3.0.  High school transcript will need to be included in the application.

- Must have taken an active leadership role in a Christian ministry that is either through a Christian Church or a Christian non-profit.

- Must be accepted and enrolling in an accredited college/university, trade school, or continuing education program.

- Letter of recommendation from the ministry program head in which the student has been serving.

- Must complete an essay as outlined in the application process.


Description:  The internal acknowledgement of a team member for her unwavering dedication to On Eagles Wings for over 20 years and her contributions to serving the Christian Community served as a catalyst to start a new Save the Nations Ministries Grant Program.  

The Save the Nations Ministry Legacy Award honors those who have gone above and beyond making an impact in the Christian Community.   This prestigious award is presented to an individual for invaluable contribution to the Christian Community through the Church ministry or a Christian non-profit, display of Christian standards, and evidence of faithfulness in Christ.